Clinical approach to the coughing adult patient

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Diagnosing and treating patients with everyday acute to troubling chronic coughs

You will learn:
Cough, even acute cough lasting less than three weeks, adversely affects sleep, overall quality of life and can lead to fatigue, chest pain and headaches
Coughing is a protective mechanism; the pathophysiology of cough involves not only a reflex response, but a central regulating and upper-brain modulating response. This latter involvement can cause unpleasant side-effects, such as anxiety, and be socially distressing to patients
Diagnosing and treating the cause of cough is essential to achieving positive clinical outcomes
New and emerging entities include the chronic cough of long-COVID and the newly described discrete disease of chronic cough, which occurs without other respiratory comorbidities; these entities are very distressing to the patient’s quality of life and are leading to the development of new agents such as P2X3 inhibitors. 

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