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EMS Module 3: Pre-hospital phase – the difference EMS makes

Read below to complete the CPD questions

EMS Module 3: Pre-hospital phase – the difference EMS makes

Learning objectives

You will learn to:

  • Understand the importance of rapid response times
  • Recognise stroke symptoms from the first call to the EMS call centre
  • React appropriately and send ambulance with properly trained paramedic
  • Promptly evaluate and stabilise the patient (ABCDE approach)
  • Provide priority transfer and pre-notify the selected hospital, preferably a stroke enabled hospital (1500 in SA)
  • Recognise the severity of the stroke, using the FAST and National Institute of Health Stroke Scale (NIHSS)
  • Understand how to perform the NIHSS Assessment (video-enabled learning)
  • Understand the value of pre-notification to the hospital (video-simulated learning – video 6+7)
  • Use a specially developed stroke patient checklist to guide actions

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All of the following videos must be watched while following the slides in order to answer the CPD questionnaire (45 questions):

Video 1: How can you change a life in 60 minutes? (watch time 2:15min)

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