New frontiers in respiratory medicine

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How the latest research influences our current understanding of optimal care for a wide array of respiratory conditions and how to translate these principles into clinical practice

Learning objectives

  • To understand the current South African situation with regard to the assessment and treatment of severe asthma – what goes wrong and what needs to be improved?
  • To assess the new opportunities for treating severe asthma with biologics in order to obtain remission from exacerbations and hospitalisation
  • To evaluate how allergen immunotherapy has evolved and the use of house dust mite, given as subcutaneous therapy, is enabling the GP to use this modality safely and effectively, in consultation with specialist, allergy clinics
  • To apply the new 2023 GOLD guidance eon COPD treatment in the South African environment and to help to ensure that over-use of ICS (inhaled corticosteroids) does not continue

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