Virtual CathLab – New learning facility for Africa

A new learning facility for Interventionists from Africa and the Middle East.

Caseel, Graham

Dr Graham Cassel

Interventional Cardiologist Milpark Hospital, Johannesburg

“My personal training on a simulator in Europe many years ago was essential to the development of my best-possible expertise. Now, this new educational investment offers a local much-needed training laboratory for interventionists, nurses, and radiographers across our region”

Hellig, Farrel

Professor Farell Hellig

Interventional Cardiologist Cathlab Director, Sunninghill Hospital, Johannesburg. Honours Associate Professor of Cardiology, University of Cape Town

Building Skills

“Two complete revascularisation cases illustrate the opportunity to help patients with these newly acquired skills”

Prof Farell Hellig

Case 1

Complete revascularisation with PCI in a patient, Young male with prior PCI, presenting with an Acute Coronary Syndrom (ACS)

Case 2

First presentation in a 61-year-old male, ACS with rest pain

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