Osteoporosis 101 – from basics to best practice

Understand and learn to assess fracture risk in osteoporotic women and men, the fundamentals of diagnosis and prevention of falls, and the foundations of a best practice management plan that can evolve as the risk changes

You will learn:
To understand that osteoporosis remains severely underdiagnosed and under-treated
It is important to focus on the fracture risk in osteopenia, as well as the more obvious fracture risk in osteoporosis
To understand that bone mineral density (BMD) predicts hip fracture risk with the same degree of accuracy as hypertension predicts risk for stroke occurrence
To act on the knowledge that fracture risk increases exponentially with declining BMD
To be confident in the diagnosis of premenopausal osteoporosis and osteoporosis in men
To be aware of the need to maintain healthy bones in all your patients
To understand the intrinsic factors involved in the causation of falls
To get to grips with a useful clinical treatment algorithm based on categorisation of patients at very high risk, high risk and at low risk.


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