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Improving outcomes in type 2 diabetes can be achieved by targeting the cardiorenal system.

This programme highlights the latest evidence and explains how this has developed into our current clinical understanding of risk at the cardiac and renal system level.

South African experts present this programme and develop clinical strategies to protect the cardiorenal system.

Module 1: Type 2 diabetes – target the cardiorenal syndrome

Dr Sundeep Ruder, Clinical Endocrinologist, Life Fourways Hospital, Johannesburg

Cardiovascular and renal risk remains high in patients with type 2 diabetes and needs to be addressed.

Module 2: Type 2 diabetes and the kidneys

Prof Brian Rayner, Emeritus Professor and Senior Research Scholar, University of Cape Town

Newer diabetic medications like SGLT-2 inhibitors offer kidney protection beyond glucose control.

Module 3: Early prevention and management of heart failure in type 2 diabetes patients

Dr Martin Mpe, Cardiologist, President of the Heart Failure Society of South Africa, Pretoria

Admission of type 2 diabetes patients who present with acute atherosclerotic disease offers an ideal opportunity to introduce SGLT-2 inhibitors.


Sundeep Ruder

Clinical Endocrinologist Life Fourways Hospital, and Associate Lecturer: Endocrinology and Internal Medicine University of Witwatersrand

Prof Brian Rayner

Emeritus Professor and Senior Research Scholar University of Cape Town

Dr Martin Mpe

Cardiologist Pretoria President of the Heart Failure Society of South Africa and the Special Interest Group, an affiliate of SA Heart

This report was made possible by an unrestricted educational grant from AstraZeneca.

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