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About Us

deNovo Medica is a digital CPD community and publishing platform that provides free CPD-accredited programmes to healthcare professionals in South Africa via easy digital access. Current, concise and convenient reports are published online, covering upwards of 20 different healthcare areas. Approximately 60 programmes/modules are made freely available to all healthcare professionals annually.

How We Started

The deNovo Medica team come from a medical publishing background, having previously worked on print journals. As deNovo Medica founder, Julia Aalbers, noticed a need for an online South African-centric CPD forum providing current local medical education accessible to healthcare professionals in rural, hard-to-reach areas, deNovo Medica was launched. It has grown dramatically over the past five years and now has over 10 000 regular users.

deNovo Medica is passionate about helping healthcare professionals to deliver best practice in everyday practice!


Meet the Team

julia aalbers

Julia Aalbers

Julia is an experienced science writer and editor. In the 1980s, she developed and extended the scientific publishing division of the South African Medical Research Council, enabling it to provide comprehensive conference reports and reviews of research.

Capitalising on her training as a pharmacologist, Julia developed the ‘Drug Trends in Cardiology’ forum within the Cardiovascular Journal of Africa and the South African Journal of Diabetes and Vascular Disease. This became a well-respected source of information on new treatments. As managing editor of the two aforementioned journals for more than 20 years, Julia introduced many innovations in including real-time conference reports, CME-accredited programmes and comprehensive coverage of drug launches and specialist meetings.

mike gibbs

Mike Gibbs

Mike is a veteran of healthcare communications and publishing. He has been responsible for developing and executing marketing and communication strategies for global pharmaceutical clients, contributing to the successful pre-launch and launch of many leading medicines.

He developed international journals for healthcare professionals, including the Primary Care Cardiovascular Journal and the British Journal of Diabetes and Vascular Disease Research. Further to his early career in journalism, Mike has also developed film, radio, print and e-media.

He contributed to the development of the Cardiovascular Journal of Africa and the South African Journal of Diabetes and Vascular Disease. He was communications advisor to the group that launched what would become the South African Heart and Stroke Foundation.

Wendy Wegener

Wendy Wegener

Wendy has more than 18 years’ experience in publishing, working for Media24’s magazine division and several other publishing companies, specialising in production, copy co-ordination and advertising, as well as picture editor for a popular weekly magazine. Her work experience embraces weekly family magazines, quarterly magazines, specialist magazines, newspapers, higher education books, journals and digital publishing.

She subsequently worked for the Cardiovascular Journal of Africa and the South African Journal of Diabetes and Vascular Disease starting in 2007, before moving to deNovo Medica at its inception.

Glenda Hardy

Glenda Hardy

Glenda has more than 20 years’ experience in medical science education. Her early work included being a junior lecturer (Wits University) and a specialist HIV sales representative (Roche).

In 2002, in association with the late Dr Steve Andrews and Professor Gary Maartens, she launched a clinical education initiative for doctors and allied healthcare workers in sub-Saharan Africa. She designed and developed educational materials for online learning, lecture series and clinical aids. Clients included PEPFAR, Aid for AIDS, Aspen Pharmaceuticals and De Beers.

In 2011, she joined the Cardiovascular Journal of Africa and the South African Journal of Diabetes and Vascular Disease as development editor. Since 2013, she has been a freelance medical science writer, editor and proofreader.

Peter Wagenaar

Peter Wagenaar

Peter holds an Honours degree (English Language and Linguistics) and a MA (English Literature). He has more than 25 years’ experience in the publishing industry.

He started out as a technical copy editor on the South African Medical Journal and its satellite publications, a position he held for six years. He was subsequently deputy editor of Medical Chronicle, among other positions.

In his decade as a freelancer/consultant he has undertaken work for most of the country’s medical publications. He has also worked with pharmaceutical companies on in-house copy, and PR companies with healthcare clients, writing disease awareness articles, conference reports and press releases. He is deNovo Medica’s chief copy editor/proofreader and one of the specialist writing team.

David Webb

David Webb

Dr David Webb has worked in clinical medicine and the pharmaceutical and advertising industries. As a professional medical writer he is widely published on subjects including cardiovascular health and diabetes, mental health, wellness, pain, mindfulness and addiction. He is co-author of seven treatment guidelines

David is registered with the HPCSA as a general practitioner and is an associate at the Houghton House Group of drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres in Johannesburg. He has a BSc (Hons) in zoology (Wits), is a qualified personal fitness trainer (HFPA) and has completed the two-year postgraduate certificate in mindfulness through the Department of Family Medicine, University of Stellenbosch. Personal website: