FREE accredited digital CPD for health care professionals in Southern Africa

Accredited by the University of Pretoria

FREE accredited digital CPD for health care professionals in Southern Africa

Accredited by the University of Pretoria
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Frequently asked questions and answers

1. How do I start earning CPD points on

Firstly, welcome to South Africa’s largest digital CPD community. To register: Click on REGISTER. Correctly input your details. (This is essential. Your HPCSA/council number captured here will reflect on your certificate)

To login: If you are already registered. Click on LOGIN, input your email address and password, which will most likely be your HPCSA/SAPC/SANC/HPCNA/AHPCSA.

2. I cannot log into the website and have forgotten my password; how can I get in?

Login with your email address as username and your HPCSA/Medical Council number as Password.
Use capital letters with 0 in front of the number (e.g. MP034567). If you are still struggling, email or call 021 976 0485 to assist you.
NOTE: No spacing in our council number and no spacing after your email address.

Still struggling to login, try the following:
• Restart device to establish new connection
• Clear browser cache/history: Go to browser – settings – history – clear browsing data
• Ensure that there is no spacing after your email address
• Alternatively, try a different internet browser. If using Chrome, try Firefox/Opera/ Safari/Windows Internet explorer
• Ensure you are logged out on all other devices you might use.

3. I tried to register and it says that my email address is already used by another user.

This means you are already registered on our website – by yourself, or after submitting a CPD form. Please DO NOT register again with another email address! Login using your email address and your HPCSA/medical council number (i.e. MP012345).

If this does not work, contact us and we will reset your password.

4. I am registered on your website, but have not completed any CPDs for a year and now it will not accept my password, what do I do?

Please DO NOT register again with another email address. The system freezeS your account if inactive for over 6 months. Contact us and we will reset your password and guide you through.

5. How do I know if I am registered on your website?

If you receive notifications on new modules from deNovo Medica weekly, you have been registered on our website and you have a profile or you can contact us to check.

Also contact us.

6. How do I change my password?

Please email or (but try using your HPCSA/medical council number first in capital letters).

7. How do I obtain my certificate if lost or not received?

Certificates are automatically emailed to your registered email address in PDF format.

If not received or misplaced, simply login, go to your profile; on the right-hand side click onto View my account, there will be a red PDF Download icon next to each completed module – download your certificate.

8. What is the ‘View your CPD record in HPCSA format’ link for?

We have added the Health Professions Council of SA CPD activity record to assist you in your submission, when audited. This records all CPD certificates completed with deNovo Medica.

9. How do I see how many points I have obtained and which modules I have completed?

Login with your username and Password, click onto View my account, you can view how many points you have obtained per year; which modules you have completed; access your certificate PDF and amend your personal details.

10. Why do some certificates for ETHICS points say Health Law?

As per the HPCSA website: Every practitioner is required to accumulate 30 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) per twelve-month period and five of the units must be on ethics, human rights and medical law.

11. I have been audited; will you send my CPD points to HPCSA/medical councils?

deNovo Medica regrets that we are not able to submit CPD certificates to the HPCSA on behalf a health care provider, and submission remains the responsibility of the individual.

12. What is the pass rate for a CPD module?

The pass rate is 70% as per HPCSA regulations.

13. After I have completed the CPD questions online, how soon do I get my certificate?

Within minutes, your points are automatically counted and email generated with certificate attached.

14. Why am I not receiving the email with the certificate?

Certain antivirus/firewall programmes could send it to your spam folder. Whitelist (put address in your contact list) to prevent this and ensure you receive the email with the certificate.

15. How many times can I resubmit a module if I have failed?

If failed the you will have to access and print the printable Q&A for off-line submission, submit it to

16. I am not a doctor, can I submit and obtain CPD points?

If you are a healthcare professional registered with HPCSA, you can work through deNovo Medica’s CPD modules. Pharmacists and Nurses only need to provide their councils with proof of certificate and learning.

17. How many Ethics CEUs do we require per year?

HPCSA regulations stipulate that you need 5 Ethics CEUs per 12 months and 10 per 24 months.

18. A module under Ethics says Health Law, why?

HPCSA has 3 categories within Ethics. That is: general ethics, health law (covering legal aspects in healthcare).

19. Can I obtain all my 30 CEUs from this website?

It is required by HPCSA that you do obtain your 30 CEUs from several parties.

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